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Massachusetts Moves to Eliminate Non-Competition Agreements.

Massachusetts is on the move to eliminate non-competition agreements. Non-competition agreements are used by employers supposedly to prevent competition from former employees who might use information gained during employment. The purpose of a non-competition agreement is to prevent unfair competition. More often, it prevents the former employee from earning a living. In Ohio, courts have […]

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MetLife Settles with Employees for $1.97 Million.

A plaintiff’s class has submitted a request for preliminary approval of a settlement with MetLife for $1,970,000. In a case before the United State District Court for the Central District of California, a class representing MetLife financial service representatives alleged that MetlIfe made improper withholdings for office expenses and forfeiture of earned commissions upon termination […]

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Company Shareholder-Director Not an Employee Entitled to Employment Law Protections.

Casa Marshall and her four brothers inherited a trucking company from their father. Casa had started working for her father as a driver. After his death she became the company’s office manager and human resources officer. Casa and her brothers were directors of the company and had equal voting rights. Casa later became the company’s […]

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Inability to Sit Can Be a Disability Under the ADA

Is the inability to sit for an extended period of time a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act? One court has said that it could be. In Parada v. Banco Industrial de Venezuela, C.A., Case No. 12-3525 (2nd Cir., Mar. 25, 2014), the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has asked […]

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EEOC Must Pay Employer $189,000 in Attorneys Fees

The EEOC got hammered for dawdling in its investigation and bringing a claim that prejudiced the employer because of the delay. The employee, a supervisor, said he got fired for complaining that only Hispanics received certain supervisory positions. He claimed discrimination based on his “American” national origin – somewhat of a reverse national origin discrimination […]

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