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Supreme Court Reinforces Summary Judgment Standard in Section 1983, Qualified Immunity Context

From the United States Supreme Court this week comes a case that makes you scratch your head wondering why justice took so long to arrive for ordinary citizens. Imagine you are in your home after midnight on New Year’s Day when you hear a commotion outside your door. You open the door to find your […]

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Seventh Circuit Rejects National Origin Discrimination Claim

Plaintiff Cung Hnin is of Chin ethnicity from the country of Myanmar. He began working for defendant TOA (USA) LLC on the production floor in 2007 at TOA’s automobile metal stamping plant. A female co-worker, Brock, reported to management that Hnin was making comments and gestures suggesting she was having a sexual relationship with a […]

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Boston Police Department’s Use of Hair Samples to Drug-Test Might Discriminate Against African-Americans

This week we get a “hairy” case from the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. African-American former Boston police officers, a former cadet and others who tested positive for cocaine use claimed that the department’s use of hair samples to test for drug use had a disparate impact on blacks. The plaintiffs […]

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Law Firm Discrimination Study Finds Confirmation Bias.

According to a just released study, law partners graded the same writing sample based at least in part on the race of the writer. The study published by the consulting firm Nextions, “Written in Black and White: Exploring Confirmation Bias in Racialized Perception of Writing Skills,” used perhaps a somewhat flawed methodology. and does not […]

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